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Levi Probyn

Dates: b. England 1879 d. Revelstoke, 17 September 1913

Cemetery Location: Block F, Row 13, Plot 16


Levi Probyn immigrated to Canada from England in 1907. In England he had worked for a large egg and yeast company, and after settling in Revelstoke, was employed in Horace Manning’s confectionery store on Mackenzie Avenue for four years before establishing his own business, the Savoy Ice Cream Parlor. Levi married in 1910 and had one child.

Sadly, Levi took his own life on 17 September 1913, at the age of 34. His obituary states that the business “did not meet with the rapid success he anticipated and there is no doubt that the strain due to business worries was a contributing cause of his death”.