Julius Cashato

Dates: b. Italy, 1873, d. Vancouver, 1949

Cemetery Location: Block J, Row 18, Plot 14


One of Revelstoke’s earliest Italian residents, Julius Cashato arrived in the city in 1893, via the United States. When he first arrived he worked in the Julian Shingle Mill, just south of Revelstoke. Five years later, he married Sophie Julian, daughter of the mill owner.

Mr. and Mrs. Cashato farmed at Mount Begbie for many years. They had three daughters: Jean, Anne and Oliffe.

In the days when travel was more difficult than today, visits to the Cashato farm were an event. The pioneer couple kept ‘open house’ and entertained generously.

Local citizens recalled the famous barbecue the family hosted to honor the late W. H. Sutherland, former Minister of Public Works. Several hundred people attended the banquet, typical of the Cashato’s hospitality.

According to his obituary, Julius was well known for his “cheerful personality–even in the face of insurmountable difficulties, he was serene, happy and good natured.”

He died at the age of 76 at Vancouver Hospital, after suffering from ill health for several months.