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Edgar & Catherine Burridge

Edgar & Catherine Burridge, date unknown.

Edgar & Catherine Burridge, date unknown.


Edgar Burridge: b. England, 1867, d. 1940

Catherine Burridge: b. Quebec, 1868 d. 1940

Cemetery Location:

Edgar Burridge: Block F, Row 9, Plot 20

Catherine Burridge: b. Block F, Row 9, Plot 21


Edgar George Burridge was born in London, England, and as a young man immigrated to Canada where he met and married Catherine Spearn in Barrie, Ontario, in 1889. The couple lived for a time in Toronto and Winnipeg before Edgar moved to Revelstoke in 1894 and found employment with Lawrence Hardware (now the site of the Roxy Theatre).

Catherine and their son Harold followed Edgar to Revelstoke in 1897. The family grew with the birth of Gertrude in 1898, Adelaide in 1900, Stewart in 1904 and Alfred in 1906. In 1912 Edgar and Harold opened a tin-smithing shop, E.G Burridge and Son, and in 1926, Edgar, Harold and Stewart bought out Humphries’ Plumbing and Electrical business on Second Street and Orton Avenue. Both shops were operated as E.G Burridge and Sons.

Edgar was a long standing member of the Knights of Pythias, Gold Range Lodge No. 26. and his shop was a regular stopping place for many townspeople, where issues of the day and subjects such as science, history and literature were debated and discussed. According to her granddaughter, Catherine was a kind, gentle lady who fed and clothed the needy who came to her door during the depression (once giving away her son’s prized hiking boots!) She was an active member of the Crystal Temple Pythian Sisters, St. Peters Church and Parochial Guild.

Catherine and Edgar celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1939 before they both died the following year in 1940.

E. G. Burridge & Son. Plumbing & Tinsmithing, c.1950.

E. G. Burridge & Son. Plumbing & Tinsmithing, c.1950.