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Camile Muyleart & James Rich


Camille Muyleart: b. Belgium, date unknown d. 1906

James Rich: b. Scotland, date unknown d. 1906

Cemetery location:

Camille Muyleart: Block F, Row 7, Plot 38

James Rich: Block F, Row 7, Plot 39


In June 1906, a construction company was working on a steel railway bridge east of Revelstoke on the area of track known as “the loops.” The bridge was 100 feet above the streambed. A span 70 feet long was being lowered into position when the tackle gave way and the span crashed some feet below. When it crashed, it hit and killed two men who were working on the bridge. They were Camille Muyleart of Belgium and James Rich of Scotland. Nothing is known of these individuals except for what is on their tombstones. These are quite elaborate tombstones for railway workers, and it is possible that the railway union or other workers could have paid for them.