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Daniel Edward Jackson

Dates: b. 1870 d. 14 January 1912

Cemetery Location: Block H, Row 19, Plot 16


Daniel Edward Jackson was born in Montreal in 1869, moving to Revelstoke to work as a machinist for the Canadian Pacific Railway around 1900. He was killed in an avalanche at Rogers Pass on 14 January 1912, at the age of 42.

According to the Mail Herald newspaper, Daniel was hurrying to help a derailed eastbound train when the avalanche struck the train he and the other rescuers were travelling on, two miles east of Rogers Pass.

Daniel had worked for the CPR in Revelstoke for 13 years. He was also a prominent member of the Machinists Union and served for one year on the Executive of the Conservative Association of Revelstoke.

He and his wife Rose had seven children: Frank, Alexander, Grace, Tannis, Arthur, Florence and Vivian. After the accident, the family moved east around 1916.

George Laforme

George Laforme, c.1940.

George Laforme, c.1940.

Dates: b. 1861 d. 30 December 1939

Cemetery Location: Block C, Row 8, Plot 35


A key figure in the early mining days of Revelstoke, George Laforme left his home in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, to follow the Canadian Pacific Railway construction westward.

In May 1885 he arrived in Revelstoke and began prospecting, establishing his famous pack train business in 1889, which provided supplies to miners and trappers in the Big Bend area for 16 years.

A disastrous trip in November 1896 – which cost him $1,500 and the lives of 27 pack animals in treacherous weather conditions – was legendary. On another occasion, 24 mules and 11 horses had to be put down to prevent the animals – stranded in deep snow and ice – from starvation.

George acquired his well-known farm near the Revelstoke Golf Course around 1896, growing cherries and strawberries for the prairie and local markets.

At the time of his death in 1939, aged 78, George left behind his wife, Gertie, and son, George.

George Laforme's pack train on Front Street.

George Laforme's pack train on Front Street.