Heritage Garden Mural

This mural can be found in our Heritage Garden

This mural can be found in our Heritage Garden

The mural “Columbia Valley Memories” was created for the Heritage Garden by local artist Bruce Thomas in 2014. It reflects the extent of agriculture that existedin this region before the valley was changed with the creation of hydro-electric dams at Castlegar, Mica Creek and Revelstoke.

Bruce Thomas chose seven historic photographs from the museum to create this photo collage;

 - Women in a Revelstoke garden, circa 1900. Mrs. Sarah Dickey at right. Dickey family collection.

 - Job Maley, nursery owner with a wheelbarrow full of cabbages, circa 1915. Maley’s farm and greenhouses were located on the Big Bend Road.

 - Haying on farm of Hugh Smythe, circa 1915. The farm was located in Columbia Park, near the present junction of the Trans-Canada Highway and Laforme Boulevard. The woman in the white dress was the oldest Smythe daughter, Marjorie Kelly Parker.

 - Plowing on the ranch of Frank McCarty, on the south side of the Illecillewaet River, 1914.

 - Cherry and Aileen Roberts posing on a farm near the “point” in Columbia Park, 1920. The sunflowers on the farm were used to hide a large field of opium poppies. This land is now part of the Revelstoke Golf Course.

 - Cherry tree on the farm of Job Maley.

 - The center photograph features the Lanzo farm that once stood on Airport Way. The A-frame barn was built with the help of the neighbours around 1916.