Reginald Lorraine Johnson - Lest We Forget

Reginald Lorraine Johnson was born January 24, 1886 at London, England. He was the son of Robert Henry and Elizabeth Johnson of Little Fynches, Rushington, Littlehampton, Sussex, England. He worked as an electrician with the Canadian Pacific Railroad here in Revelstoke. There is no mention of his family or parents coming to Revelstoke. This makes it unlikely that he is a direct relation to the numerous Johnsons living in Revelstoke at the time. He was one of the 69 men who volunteered for service right at the beginning of the war in August 1914, however, his services were not used at the time.

Reginald Johnson signed his enlistment papers August 16, 1915 at Vernon with the 54th Battalion as a private. His regimental number was 443728. He was 29 years old, single, 5’ 10” tall with black hair and blue eyes. His religious affiliation was Anglican.

Reginald Johnson left Halifax on November 22, 1915 on the H.M.T. Saxonia, arriving at Plymouth, England on December 1, 1915. After training in England, he arrived in France on August 14, 1916. He began to move up through the ranks, being promoted to Corporal, then Sergeant, and finally, on March 31, 1917, he was granted a commission as a Lieutenant.

Reginald Johnson died April 9, 1917 during the battle for Vimy Ridge, one of 12 Revelstoke men who lost his life in that battle. He was 31 years old.  At the time of his death he had just received his commission as a Lieutenant with the 54th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario) Regiment. He is buried at La Chaudiere Military Cemetery, France.

The name of Reginald Johnson is inscribed on the Courthouse and Cenotaph plaques. It is also listed on the YMCA Honor Roll, which is in the archives at Revelstoke Museum.